R.I.P you innocent little angel . Literally the saddest , most sick situation . Prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his family during this rough time .

R.I.P. <333 My heart goes out to Adrian Petterson and his family. 

R.I.P Sweet angel

I took this photo a few days ago during Mid-Autumn festival here in China. Then I modified the photo to look like a painting.

The Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera

The reigning Miss World is Yu Wenxia from China. China is the only country that has multiple Miss Worlds in the last 12 years. Obviously the whole world agrees that Asian girls are by far the most beautiful in the world. This is just another example of why Asian girls reign supreme.


Vincent Bourilhon

my waking world:

…and now you do what they told ya’.

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african gangsters and their hyenas and baboons > american gangsters and their pit bulls and rottweilers

damn haha

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